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The Dark Knight 2 Disc Special Edition

His is a problem for our hero, but at no point that we, the audience, never doubt that he will do the seemingly impossible and save them both, in Batman Forever is a bit of knockabout nonsense, a bit of fun to have some fluff fun with, and for him to do otherwise would be totally anathema to all of its tone. He tells the Caped Crusader who has gleefully put Robin and Bats current squeeze Dr. At the end of the Batman Forever Riddler Batman presents a dilemma. Chase Meridian in a trap from which both will meet with certain death at the same time, taunting our hero that, as you can save only one must choose which will die. Not so in The Dark Knight: Batman, when it faces the same situation we do not do the impossible and we do not sit to his embarrassment while chuckling happily stuffing popcorn down.
16.1.09 07:34

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